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Children should have regularly scheduled physicals while attending the center. We request that you inform us of any changes that may occur so we can keep our files current.

Georgia state law requires a current Certificate of Immunization on your child at the time of enrollment. A new certificate is required before the expiration of the current certificate. These forms may be completed by a physician or the Chatham County Health Department.

Daily health screenings will be done each morning upon arrival at the center and periodically throughout the day. If the staff determines that your child is ill, you will be notified to make arrangements for the child's care. Health screenings will include observing for the following:


  • Changes in behavior or appearance from behaviors observed during the previous day's attendance

  • Skin rashes, itchy skin, itchy scalp, or nits (during a lice outbreak)

  • If there are changes in the child's behavior or appearance, the child's temperature will be taken

  • Complaints of pain or not feeling well

  • Other signs and symptoms of illness (including drainage from eyes, vomiting, diarrhea)

  • Reported illness or injury in a child or family members since the last day of attendance 

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