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AJ Ward Montessori

Preschool 2.0

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This class caters to student's motor skills, such as learning to walk and communicate. There is child-like tools available to enable children to make independent choices and complete activities, which builds self-confidence, concentration, and critical thinking skills. 


This class focuses on the student's most critical stages of development with step-by-step activities. We encompass ideas that will enrich the student's educational and social experiences with a prepared educational environment.



Specially designed learning materials are displayed on open shelves that are easily accessible to the student. All teachers guide students to understand how to care for materials and clean up after themselves. This is a useful skill that can be applied to any area in life.

Before & After School Care

Service the following schools:

  • Largo Tibet Elementary

  • Pulaski Elementary

  • White Bluff Elementary

  • Windsor Elementary

Students receive a nutritious snack, complete homework, experience outdoor and indoor playtime.

Inside AJ Ward Montessori Preschool 2.0

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