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Statements to inform parents of posted notices to include:

+ Copy of license

+ Copy of rules

+ Review of evaluations

+ Names of person in

+ Communicable diseases

+ Statement of parental 

+ Monthly menu

+ Emergency plan

+ Visitor statement




Our program is based on the scientific principles and teaching strategies discovered by Mari Montessori. Based on her observations of children, Dr. Montessori developed many materials that enabled children to encounter a variety of learning experiences geared to their developmental needs. These experiences involved "hands-on" activities that were proven to be intensely fascinating for children. They experienced a deep inner satisfaction which provided them with an overall positive attitude towards learning and school.


This unique Montessori prepared environment makes it possible for every child to receive individual presentations and to work with self-correcting materials that develop and refine both motor and sensorial skills. These skills serve as the foundation for success with language and math activities and materials. These Montessori materials are the key, and it is the child who unlocks the door!​


In addition to providing an exceptional opportunity for each child to prepare for greater achievement in school, our program allows the child to develop concentration skills, to experience the joy in learning, to enhance self-esteem, to develop social skills, and to have the experience of success each day. All of this is certainly a marvelous preparation for life!

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